Key Components Used in Vaporesso’s Corex Heating Technology


One of the most cutting-edge heating technologies in the vaping industry is the corex technology. You may now enjoy your favorite e-liquid at its optimum thanks to a recent invention from the vaporesso tech business.

You might be curious to learn more about corex technology. You can potentially obtain a better experience when smoking your preferred e-juice by combining a number of various factors.

Examine these components in greater detail:

Morph Mesh Structured Heating Element

A patented invention that enables more delicious vapour production is the Morph mesh structure. This means that compared to other tanks on the market today, it will deliver more flavorful hits. Because the Morph mesh structure has denser sides and a thinner middle, the entire chamber heats up equally. In comparison to other tanks on the market right now, this offers you more flavor and a greater consistency.

Cumulus Cotton

Cumulus cotton’s distinctive construction is intended to boost your e-potential juice’s for absorption. Its intricate microfiber construction attempts to increase fluidity by increasing the surface area, which will facilitate e-juice absorption into the cotton. This guarantees an uninterrupted vaping experience since with sufficient cotton saturation, less liquid will burn out.

GEN PT60 | 80 S Tank 

One of the newest members of the Vaporesso family is the GEN PT60 | 80 S Tank. It is a premium sub ohm tank with a distinct style and potent characteristics. The Corex Heating Technology used in the GEN PT60 | 80 S Tank guarantees 30% greater vape even at low wattages. Your vaping experience is never compromised because to this cutting-edge heating technology, which enables a more precise flavor enhancement. This tank also has a dual top with the following features:

  • Top fill system – By simply unscrewing your tank’s top cap, you can easily top it off. When you refill it, the anti-leak feature on it stops oil from spilling.
  • Top airflow – Every time you inhale from your device, a smooth draw is provided by the tank’s adjustable top airflow system.

Axon Chip 

The Vaporesso corex technology’s major part is the Axon chip. It is a potent vape chip that has been created to provide you with a vaping experience that is even greater. Depending on what you want from your device, you may tailor your vaping experience and select from a variety of settings thanks to the Axon chip. Additionally, it offers a temperature control feature that enables you to modify the device’s temperature to suit your preferences. This distinguishes this particular vaporizer from the competition because it has a feature that many other devices lack. The end effect is a better vaping experience because each puff has more force.

SSS Leak-resistant technology

Vaporesso created the cutting-edge technology known as SSS Leak-resistant. With a liquid self-cleaning mechanism that removes any extra liquid from the cartridge before it can leak out and harm your device or you, it is a twofold protection system that stops leaks from happening. When you take a hit from this vape cartridge, all of your vape juice will be evaporated thanks to the Corex Heating Technology’s extensive seal for proper circulation.


For all previous vape heating issues, Vaporesso has the ideal answer. The Corex heating technology, which depends on a novel flavor experience to elevate vaping to a completely new level, is the wave of the future for Vape mods. It is the first heating system that, by a change in resistance, instantaneously raises the temperature at high wattage. This allows up a vastly expanded range of options for the e-liquids and tanks that may be utilized with them.


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