We Bet You Never Knew About These Gashapon Machine


A vending machine is a pretty standard appliance that provides a variety of products to the users. But have you heard of a toy vending machine? The gashapon machine is that device. In other words, this appliance can be notified as a toy capsule vending machine. It’s a particular classification of arcade game machines. Moreover, the device hands over small toys wrapped in a plastic capsule.

Nevertheless, in these capsule toy machines, people grab miniature interpretations of their favorite toys. Each of the gashapon devices follows a specific theme, and hence the toys accumulated over there depend upon it. Moreover, this appliance is an exciting element for all age groups.

Introducing Gashapon Machine

The gashapon machine is an arcade machine that can be utilized by inserting coins. Moreover, it would be best if you reached the listed value mentioned in the machine to get the potential prize from the gashapon machine. You have to wait a while after twisting the crank to get your dispensed toy. On the other hand, it can be said that you can efficiently use the leftover coins lying at your home to get a capsule toy.

The gashapon machines mainly consist of high quality replicas of superheroes or anime or manga characters to attract more people. Moreover, limited-edition interests like keychains and stickers can also be obtained from this machine. It’s one of the most popular appliances in malls, cafes, restaurants, or any carnival.

Some Trending Gashapon Machines Today

Spiral Gashapon Machines

In this machine, you can see the gumballs whirling around and moving toward the bottom, inserting a coin. This product can be an exciting and eye-catching appliance for kids at a birthday party. Moreover, the spiral gashapon machine doesn’t take up a vast space for storage. A small and compact space is enough for this type of machine.

Double Layered Gashapon Machines

This type of gashapon machine is pretty noticeable at the malls. The entire of this appliance is similar to the standard gashapon machine. But the layer one after another is the extraordinary fact about this appliance.

Candy Dispenser Gashapon Machines

The gashapon machine dispenses only candies. It’s primarily seen in malls, restaurants, cafes, and so on. Moreover, installing it at your kid’s birthday party can be tremendously attractive and will become an appreciative commodity for you.

Transparent Toy Capsule Gashapon Machines

This variety of gashapon machines is made up of transparent and colorful materials. Moreover, it attracts people more as the toys inside the machine are visible.

3 Layered Gashapon Machines

Like the standard gashapon machine, the user has to insert a coin to get the wrapped products. Moreover, the three layers of this variety of devices make it more extraordinary among all the gashapon machines.


After knowing so much about the gashapon machine, it’s time to achieve it for your business. The brand which you can trust for this appliance is Marwey. You can scroll down to its official website to watch the varieties of gashapon machines the brand delivers. However, each of the products is easy to control and durable.


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