How to make shipping easier when you shop for wholesale trendy fashion items


It is one thing to order for a product, but getting the product at the agreed time is a different ball game altogether. For most clothing businesses, except for top brands with retail outlets, the primary source of their product comes from clothing manufacturers or wholesalers. So, if anything goes wrong with the manufacturer or wholesaler, chances are high they will run out of supply.

Getting a reliable wholesaler and stress-free logistics represent a significant challenge for most clothing business owners today. If they can Find a wholesaler that can guarantee a steady supply, getting their product to the end-user will be easier.

Here is a step-by-step guide on ensuring you experience a stress-free shipping experience when buying wholesale fashion items, especially online.

1. Know where the product is coming from

The world is fast becoming a global village. With internet facilities in almost every country, interacting and interacting with people from other countries has become more accessible. However, when it comes to shipping fashion products, you must know where the product is coming from. Is it coming from your country, region, continent, or transcontinental? Having full details on the delivery location will go a long way in preparing for your product delivery.

2. Know who is handling the shipment

On the agreement with the wholesaler or manufacturer, you need to seek express information on who is handling the delivery. You need to determine if the manufacturer will be running the shipment or the delivery will be carried out through a third party. Part of the agreement should include who will be held liable if anything goes wrong with the product or if some items got damaged on transit.

3. Stay updated with the shipment method.

You still need to determine the shipment method after paying for your fashion product to the manufacturer or wholesaler. Ask questions on whether the shipment will be rail, cargo plane, truck delivery, or via sea. Also, other information you need to ask is the delivery date to plan to receive the products.

4. Learn from other people’s experience

If you are a newbie or making your first big order in the business, you need to tap from the wealth of experience of other people who have done similar transactions. Drawing from other people’s experiences, you will be able to gather relevant information on how to make the best decision and avoid pit holes along the way.

5. Go for an experienced logistic company.

If you are handling the product shipment yourself, you need to hire an experienced logistic company that understands the nature of what you are shipping. For instance, hiring a logistic company in the construction industry may not deliver the desired result in handling fashion items. So, to be on the safe side, you hire competent hands with good customer reviews in taking fashion product delivery.


As a wholesaler, the buying aspect should not be your only concern. You should also pay attention to the delivery method. To be prudent, especially on the financial side, ensure you are buying from a close market. However, if you plan on buying in a distant shop, then you need to ask  people with experience on the job or get an experienced logistics company to help you in handling the task.


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