How to make a big house for cats?


There is absolutely no need to make a big house cats because they don’t usually live in them. Rather, they like to live, sit and sleep in simple wooden boxes. But cat owners feel like it’s their responsibility to provide their pet with the best they can offer. So, here are a few steps you can follow to make big house for cats.

· Find the Required Materials

There is a difference between the cat house for a pet cat and for a stray cat. In either case, use sturdy materials such as plywood or plastic tub of a certain size. You may also look for an old doghouse or ask for it from neighbors or friends. Some people consider cats as liquids since they fit themselves in any kind of container they get.

· Look at its Size

The size of the box that you have chosen will matter the most. The reason is that cats may not sit in them if they are not comfortable. Also, the heat present in the body of a cat can only warm a specific-sized tub. There is no reference size for the box but a 25” x 25” x 31” is a great size. If the box or tub is bigger than this, just cut it down.

· Use a Removable Roof

Using a roof that is easily removable allows you to change the sheets if they are dirty. Also, an injured animal can enter the cat house with ease. Just use a hinge for attaching the roof to the walls of the house. In case of a plastic tub, you may use the lid as its removable roof. Don’t weigh the roof too much but use rocks also in order for it to stay there.

· Raise the Cat House above Ground!

In order to not let the ants or water enter the house directly, raise it above the ground. Use a concrete block or any such object that is completely flat for this purpose. Also, measure its height before time to see if it will help the cats get rid of severe weather.

· Make the Entrance/Exit

Cats usually like to have two ways in their house i.e. one to enter and other to escape. Not like they can’t escape from the first one, they want it in case if a predator attacks them. But for household pets, you can just rely on one also. If you are using a plastic tub, just cut one side of it in a way that it looks like a door or a pathway.

Make it Waterproof!

Plastic tubs are usually waterproof already. But if you are making a big cat house from plywood, don’t forget to use sand & paint to avoid the water from entering it. The reason is that cats can’t remove water from the house. So, this may let them leave the house to save their lives.


Making a big house for cats isn’t difficult at all. Just follow the above-mentioned steps but make sure that you use the right material. Otherwise, the cats may die which isn’t what you actually want.


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