A 360 Degrees Rotating Universal Car Mount


A car phone mount is a great way to keep your phone within reach while on the road. Your phone can become a distraction, but with a car mount, you can easily see it without having to look down.

Whether you’re on a road trip or just going to work a windshield phone mount is perfect for hands-free usage. The rotating swivel design allows you to easily adjust the angle of your phone to any position. The mount is made from high-quality ABS plastic, which makes it lightweight and durable for long-term use.

The rubberized grips on the bottom of the mount provide extra security to prevent your phone from slipping out of place during bumpy rides.

The Benefits of Using a Car Vent Phone Holder Include:

It Makes It Easy to View Your Phone

It’s critical to be able to see your navigation maps when driving in unknown territory. That can be made simple by fixing your phone to your car’s dashboard or windshield, freeing up both of your hands to handle the steering wheel.


You can use this device instead of holding your phone while driving, which is dangerous because it takes your eyes off the road for too long.


You don’t have to fumble around for your mobile device when you need it most, such as when getting directions or checking the traffic situation during rush hour. You also don’t have to worry about dropping it on the floor or in between seats when you’re trying to reach for something else in the car.

Precautions To Take When Using Your Car Vent Phone Holder

The car vent phone holder is best used when the car is parked and you need to use your smartphone. There are several precautions that need to be taken when using this product:

  • Keep away from sharp objects like knives, forks, and spoons while using them.
  • Avoid putting anything hot on it as it can damage it or cause a fire.
  • Do not leave your phone unattended while charging as it can overheat and cause damage or even an explosion due to excessive heat build-up.
  • Understand the laws in your area regarding cell phone use while driving. Keep your own and other people’s safety in mind.


a car vent mount is a perfect solution for mounting your smartphone or tablet device in your vehicle. Our vehicle mounts are compatible with all major smartphones and tablets including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and more.

The car vent mount has a rotating head that allows you to view your device in portrait or landscape mode while driving. The flexible spring-loaded arms will securely hold your device in place while you drive down the road. This mount is also great for pairing with our dashboard mounts for extra security on bumpy roads.

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