What No One Tells You About Malaysia Gaming & Culture

We have the biggest roundabout on Earth.

According to our report, the largest roundabout in the world is located right here in Malaysia, Putrajaya. Based on Venkat Hari’s novel, 501 Incredible Facts About Malaysia, the Putrajaya roundabout is 3.5 km in diameter. That’s 2.7 miles out! This roundabout is situated near the office of the Prime Minister.

Malaysia’s total highway length is longer than the Earth’s circumference.

Malaysia’s 40,934-mile (65,877 km) highway is longer than the Earth’s 24,901-mile (40,075 km) circumference. Malaysia is considered to have one of the most beautiful stretches of highways in the world and is continuously experiencing expansion and improvement.


Newborn babies and young children in olden day Iban communities are affectionately referred to as ulat (worm) till they are given an official name

It has been popular in many cultures of the past to give the newborn child a nickname or a temporary name before the family agrees on the official name.

As for the Iban community in East Malaysia, it is said that they typically refer to their babies as ulat before naming their children in keeping with the rituals and customs of the Iban people.

The world’s largest insect is Chan’s megastick, a stick bug which can measure up to 56.6cm, was first found in Sabah

This stick bug was discovered by the naturalist and Sabahan Datuk Chan Chew Lun in Ulu Moyog, Penampang District, Sabah, in 1989.

Chan’s megastick is formally named after its inventor as Phobaticus chani.

Malaysia is the only country in the world to have won the war against Communism

The war erupted after a group named The Malayan National Liberation Army (MNLA) decided to fight against the colonial English, with some calling it the war of anti-British national liberation.

The British authorities gathered troops from all of its Commonwealth countries to fight the war against the Communists that began on June 16, 1948 and lasted until July 12, 1960, a total of 12 years, 3 weeks, and 5 days.

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Freedom of speech is a privilege, not a right.

Quick all media are regulated directly and indirectly by the government. Online news sources hear sporadic expressions of dissension but the Internet is closely regulated. Government-critical websites are regularly blocked, and detention for an indiscreet Tweet or Facebook post is not unusual. Something considered critical of Islam is not accepted and many Malaysian Muslims are gradually moving away from a moderate stance, calling for legislation that would allow for more severe criminal punishments, including whipping and amputation of hands.

Malaysia is a nature lover’s paradise.

Malaysians love food.  

Because the weather shifts so much people don’t think about it in the same way as the Irish do. Malaysians then speak about food. Malaysians are, and understandably so, very proud of their culinary heritages. Each ethnicity has its own specialities but to a greater or lesser degree their recipes also affect each other. There are food stalls on the street and food courts all over the place and dining out is really affordable. The dark side of this is that the food is not always good. Sugar is a food-group for many Malaysians and deep-frying is also the main way of cooking. More than 45 per cent of Malaysians are obese, leading the South East Asian rankings.


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